[MlMt] MailMate uploading old/deleted mails back to IMAP server

Emre Bastuz info at emre.de
Thu Jan 7 10:03:31 EST 2016


I recently installed MailMate and entered the login information of my primary IMAP account and also migrated mbox files of old mails into MailMate (by means of an additional "Archival-IMAP" server).

In the beginning everything seemed to work well but at some point MailMate started uploading old mails back to the primary IMAP server that I moved them away from.

This is kind of annoying because instead of just having the mails from 2015 and 2016 on my primary IMAP server, I now get all the archived mails starting from 2005 back to it.

To be sure that the old mails are indeed being uploaded I checked several points:
- MailMate activity window does show „INBOX PREPEND“ (or similar) type of activity
- My networking monitor shows that the upload bandwidth is being used
- I checked the IMAP server for the flags of the existing mails to rule out any „the mails were deleted but not expunged“ type of issue (no /Delete flags!)

Why does MailMate upload my archived mails back to the server?

Any idea?



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