[MlMt] MailMate uploading old/deleted mails back to IMAP server

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Jan 7 10:19:45 EST 2016

On 7 Jan 2016, at 16:03, Emre Bastuz wrote:

> I recently installed MailMate and entered the login information of my 
> primary IMAP account and also migrated mbox files of old mails into 
> MailMate (by means of an additional "Archival-IMAP" server).

An offline dummy account for local emails?

> In the beginning everything seemed to work well but at some point 
> MailMate started uploading old mails back to the primary IMAP server 
> that I moved them away from.
> This is kind of annoying because instead of just having the mails from 
> 2015 and 2016 on my primary IMAP server, I now get all the archived 
> mails starting from 2005 back to it.
> To be sure that the old mails are indeed being uploaded I checked 
> several points:
> - MailMate activity window does show „INBOX PREPEND“ (or similar) 
> type of activity - My networking monitor shows that the upload 
> bandwidth is being used - I checked the IMAP server for the flags of 
> the existing mails to rule out any „the mails were deleted but not 
> expunged“ type of issue (no /Delete flags!)
> Why does MailMate upload my archived mails back to the server?

My initial guess is that it's somehow related to the offline dummy 
account (which has some caveats), but I don't see exactly how that would 
result in the observed behavior.

First, to stop this behavior you should take the related mailboxes 
offline until the issue is resolved.

Two columns in the mailbox list might be useful when debugging. 
“Source Mailbox” shows the IMAP mailbox for each message. “UID” 
shows the value assigned to each message server side. A message without 
a UID is going to be uploaded as soon as it is possible (the mailbox is 
online and synchronized).

Emails imported into an offline account/mailbox cannot be uploaded and 
therefore never get UIDs.

Here's the caveat: A message moved from an online mailbox to an offline 
mailbox is **never** deleted from the online mailbox. This is because 
MailMate is very careful to ensure that the message exists in the 
destination mailbox (server side) before deleting it from the source 
(online) mailbox. But as noted, this does not explain what you observe. 
Such a message is also not going to have a UID (but MailMate knows its 
old mailbox/UID).

Maybe some of the above can help you and if you think there is some kind 
of bug then don't hesitate to contact me, but maybe do it off list. As 
far as I know this is not a general issue of general interest.

Thanks for trying out MailMate.

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