[MlMt] Autofile message in combination with "Send Later"

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Jan 7 05:28:09 EST 2016

On 6 Jan 2016, at 21:46, Zvi Biener wrote:

> Premise: I use MailMate to autofile my outgoing replies into the same 
> folder as the message to which I'm replying. I also have use a 10 
> minutes "Send Later" time for all messages.
> Problem: When a message arrives in my inbox, I read it, reply, and the 
> manually file the message into a relevant folder. Since I file the 
> message *after* replying, the outgoing reply appears in my Inbox 
> (where the original message was), not in the folder into which the 
> original message was filed. I'd like it to follow the original 
> message.

I assume that replies appear in your Inbox, because you are using the 
`MmMoveSentRepliesToMailboxOfRepliedMessage` hidden preference?

> I can first file the message, open that folder, write the reply, and 
> close the folder, but this introduces some extra steps that I bet are 
> avoidable. Does anyone have any ideas? Would a key-binding to some 
> complex set of instructions solve this? Other ideas?

I'm not really sure why it doesn't already work. The hidden preference 
above does not move the message until *after* it has been sent. If you 
use “Send Later” then that would happen after you filed the message 
in the Inbox.

Obviously I haven't understood the problem :-)

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