[MlMt] a message confuses MailMate on one computer

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Nov 12 04:51:15 EST 2015

On 12 Nov 2015, at 10:42, Patrik Fältström wrote:

> What do you both mean by "attachment"?

I just mean something which would be displayed as an attachment by 

> In MIME that does not really exist as a definition, but one could say 
> that attachment is one bodypart that is referenced from another body 
> part (using CID).

I'd probably say that something not referenced was more likely to be an 
attachment, but this just emphasizes that there is no standard 
definition. There is the “Content-Disposition” header, but this is 
just another hint in what has to be handled heuristically in an email 
client (like so many other things).

> So do you mean MIME body parts that all have a CID, but are not 
> referenced from any text/html?

I don't. (The `cid` (Content-ID) usually doesn't exist if it's not also 

The main point was that I wanted to find out if the user had a hang with 
MailMate with a message which did not contain a (non-attachment) plain 
text body part.

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