[MlMt] Problem with syncing Gmail labels and IMAP keywords

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Nov 2 07:50:04 EST 2015

On 2 Nov 2015, at 12:33, DORSCH Fabian wrote:

> However, the same does not happen with messages that I have assigned 
> keywords/labels to *before* setting up the respective link between the 
> keywords and the labels. For instance, my old emails in Gmails in 
> folder X do not show up under the keyword X in Mailmate; and vice 
> versa. This changes only once I re-assign the keywords/labels. Since I 
> have thousands of categorized emails in Gmail, this is not a feasible 
> option for me.
> So I was wondering whether there is a workaround, or whether it would 
> be possible, from a technical point of view, to add the function that 
> also past assignments of labels/keywords are synced between the two 
> platforms.

I'm afraid this is one of those things which sounds simple, but when 
trying to solve it then all kinds of special cases start to appear 
(maybe I'm just basing this on my past experience with handling the 
various Gmail quirks).

Hmm, looking at the code it seems that I do try handle this case. The 
problem might be that the Gmail account is not properly resynchronized. 
What happens if you select a message and use “Message ▸ Reset...”? 
Does that pick up the Gmail label by enabling the corresponding IMAP 
keyword? (Not that this is a good workaround.)

(You can see the raw IMAP keywords if you enable the Raw Flags column in 
the messages outlint.)

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