[MlMt] Problem with syncing Gmail labels and IMAP keywords

DORSCH Fabian fabian.dorsch at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 06:33:47 EST 2015


I'm just getting used to using Mailmate as my main email client and am 
loving it. But I have a question concerning the integration of Gmail 
labels. Since I have been using them for a while now, I would like to 
continue with this after my switch to Mailmate.

Now, everything works fine with messages that I assign keywords to (in 
Mailmate) or add to the labels/folders (in Gmail) *after* I set up the 
connection under 'Tags' in the preferences. The newly added messages 
show up in the right place in both Mailmate and Gmail.

However, the same does not happen with messages that I have assigned 
keywords/labels to *before* setting up the respective link between the 
keywords and the labels. For instance, my old emails in Gmails in folder 
X do not show up under the keyword X in Mailmate; and vice versa. This 
changes only once I re-assign the keywords/labels. Since I have 
thousands of categorized emails in Gmail, this is not a feasible option 
for me.

So I was wondering whether there is a workaround, or whether it would be 
possible, from a technical point of view, to add the function that also 
past assignments of labels/keywords are synced between the two 

Thanks a lot,


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