[MlMt] odd password problem

Barton Lipman blipman at bu.edu
Wed Jan 14 16:30:45 EST 2015

This may be totally unrelated to MailMate, but in case it's not, I'm 
trying you guys.

For the last week or 10 days, I regularly get error messages saying that 
there's something wrong with my password, either for checking mail or 
for the SMTP server for sending it.  In all cases, I reenter the 
password, click "save to keychain," hit enter, and *usually* the problem 
goes away -- for a while at least.  If I don't click "save to keychain," 
it sometimes asks over and over again.

Is this something I've misconfigured in MailMate, a bug I've stumbled 
on, or more likely to be a problem with the server I'm on?


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