[MlMt] Using Rules to trim a Smart mailbox

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Thu Feb 26 10:47:05 EST 2015


On 2015-02-26 09:21, Allie Martin wrote: 

> Now if there was a way to hide particular Mailboxes...

I "hide" mailboxes by putting them in the Examples group that was
installed with MailMate, since I rarely open it. If you've deleted that
group, you can create another by editing the Mailboxes.plist file
(create a new smart mailbox, quit MailMate, open Mailboxes.plist in a
text editor, and remove the `set` and `filter` lines fo that mailbox).
Now you can put as many mailboxes as you want in that group, and it will
only take the space of a single mailbox. 
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