[MlMt] Using Rules to trim a Smart mailbox

Allie Martin amd at maclink.me
Thu Feb 26 10:21:28 EST 2015

On 26 Feb 2015, at 9:48, David O'Donnell wrote:

> I had set up a Smart Mailbox to filter the messages from my INBOX into 
> a separate folder and created a rule to move messages that were over 
> 14 days old… but at some point in the past couple of months, the 
> rule stopped working. When I tried to edit the rule today, I noticed 
> that there is no comparison operator. So, e.g., the rule now reads 
> “Date > Relative” “is” “14 days ago,” when I really want 
> “if relative date is >= 14 days ago” since the rule clearly 
> isn’t always getting triggered when a message is moved into the 
> destination mailbox (by another rule attached to the Smart Mailbox).

I just did something similar and wonder if it would work that way for 

I would do it the following way:

- create a smart folder that scans your inbox.
- under 'Conditions' tab, create rules that will further define the 
messages to include in the Smart Folder.  You would need to include one 
that matches messages to the list, as well as one that restricts the 
dates.  I find the date restrictions are more flexible under the 
'Conditions' filtering as opposed to the 'Rules' filtering. What you 
effectively do is create conditions that will make the Smart Mailbox 
display only those old messages you wish to move.
- under 'Rules', create a rule that moves all messages to where you wish 
to store the old list messages.

Now if there was a way to hide particular Mailboxes, then this would be 
one to hide since it would be empty all the time.
Curtis acm

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