[MlMt] Using Rules to trim a Smart mailbox

David O'Donnell david at davidbodonnell.com
Thu Feb 26 09:48:20 EST 2015

There are a couple of mailing lists I’m on that I tend to skim, rather 
than read constantly. The topics are fairly time-sensitive, so I don’t 
need to keep old messages around.

I had set up a Smart Mailbox to filter the messages from my INBOX into a 
separate folder and created a rule to move messages that were over 14 
days old… but at some point in the past couple of months, the rule 
stopped working. When I tried to edit the rule today, I noticed that 
there is no comparison operator. So, e.g., the rule now reads “Date > 
Relative” “is” “14 days ago,” when I really want “if 
relative date is >= 14 days ago” since the rule clearly isn’t always 
getting triggered when a message is moved into the destination mailbox 
(by another rule attached to the Smart Mailbox).

Am I missing something obvious, or is it just not possible to achieve 
what I want?

I’m using the 64-bit beta builds, r5066.

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