[MlMt] Evernote bundle problem

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Tue Feb 24 11:40:51 EST 2015


On 2015-02-24 10:26, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote: 

> On 24 Feb 2015, at 17:22, John Cooper wrote: 
> On 2015-02-24 09:58, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote: 
> On 23 Feb 2015, at 19:46, John Cooper wrote: 
> When I try to save a message to Evernote using the Add command (ctrl+shift+E), the note has the title of the message, but a body of "(null)". 
> That shortcut indicates you have a manually installed version of Evernote.

I don't understand. As opposed to...? 

Bundles enabled in the Bundles preferences pane (⌘,). 

Oh, a manually installed version of the Evernote **bundle.** That makes
more sense! Although I don't remember doing it. It apparently dates from

> It's not related to this issue, but you might want to delete the bundle installed here: 
> ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/Evernote.mmBundle 
> Why? I do want the bundle functionality.

It's shadowing the one installed via the Bundles preferences pane. These
are installed here:
~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Managed/Bundles/ 

Since I've deleted the manually installed bundle, the shortcut for both
Add and Add With Summary is shift + control + A. Is there a way to make
the shortcuts unique, or remove the Add command? 
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