[MlMt] message in own window: moving and deleting

Allie Martin amd at maclink.me
Sat Feb 21 20:03:14 EST 2015

On 21 Feb 2015, at 10:08, Shoshanna Green wrote:

> When I have a message open in its own window (Widescreen layout with 
> the message list pulled all the way to the right), the Move to 
> Mailbox… command is unavailable (greyed out). This is both odd, 
> since Move to Archive, Move to Junk, and Delete are all still 
> available, and awkward. But I need to have most messages saved in 
> specific folders, not just generically archived, so that I can find 
> them when I'm not using MailMate. Can Move to Mailbox… be made 
> available? (And, huh, Go to Mailbox is also unavailable, though that's 
> less critical in this context.)

I see what you mean and agree.  The ⌥⌘-T shortcut for moving the 
message doesn't work either.

> In my preferred workflow, I'd open a message in a separate window, 
> read it, move it to the appropriate mailbox (or archive or delete it), 
> and the next message in the folder would open (in its separate window) 
> as the moved (or archived or deleted) one disappeared. Next best would 
> be if the moved one remained visible in its existing window, so that I 
> can just hit whatever key I've bound to "next message" and have it 
> appear.
> The latter is what happens if I archive a message that's displayed in 
> a separate window.

Not only that, but after archiving, I can't navigate to another message 
using the ⌘-(↑/↓) keys.  There are no toolbar buttons either.  A 
lot here seem to love a key-shortcut driven workflow/navigation.  I 
personally do a combination and while reading alone, I tend to use my 
magic mouse to select messages and scroll.

> I think (haven't fully investigated) that these all behave as I'd want 
> if I have the message open in a pane of the main window, but honestly 
> I never want to do that, and don't understand the format's popularity. 
> I often want to refer to several messages at once! Plus I use Witch to 
> access windows from the keyboard, so I always want everything in 
> individual windows, not panes or tabs.

The popularity I guess is based on one being able to see the message 
list while viewing message bodies.  Also, I personally have grown 
unaccustomed to using many windows.  Horses for courses really, and 
after doodling, I don't think your type of workflow has been optimised 
in MailMate.  For me, needing to have more than one message open in a 
window is too infrequent to justify an always-separate 
message-view-window approach to my workflow.  If I need to open a 
message in a separate window, I just do so on the few occasions when 
needed.  However, if I needed to do this frequently, then yes, I'd 
certainly adopt your approach as I had done back in the days of PMMail 
on OS/2 Warp - there's an example of optimisation for separate window 
message view/navigation ..... and would you believe that it's [still 
being developed for 

Curtis acm

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