[MlMt] message in own window: moving and deleting

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Feb 24 09:09:06 EST 2015

On 21 Feb 2015, at 16:08, Shoshanna Green wrote:

> [various limitations of single message view]
> I think (haven't fully investigated) that these all behave as I'd want 
> if I have the message open in a pane of the main window, but honestly 
> I never want to do that, and don't understand the format's popularity. 
> I often want to refer to several messages at once! Plus I use Witch to 
> access windows from the keyboard, so I always want everything in 
> individual windows, not panes or tabs.

As indicated elsewhere I don't use the single message window much 
myself. In other words, most of the limitations are not “by design”. 
It's mainly because I didn't realize how this (apparently) works in 
other email clients. I think MailMate mostly resembles how it works in 
Apple Mail.

I have already written down that more functionality should work in the 
single message window and I've now added a reference to your email to 
make sure I review it when I get around to make some improvements.


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