[MlMt] message in own window: moving and deleting

Shoshanna Green shoshannag at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 10:08:49 EST 2015

When I have a message open in its own window (Widescreen layout with the 
message list pulled all the way to the right), the Move to Mailbox… 
command is unavailable (greyed out). This is both odd, since Move to 
Archive, Move to Junk, and Delete are all still available, and awkward. 
But I need to have most messages saved in specific folders, not just 
generically archived, so that I can find them when I'm not using 
MailMate. Can Move to Mailbox… be made available? (And, huh, Go to 
Mailbox is also unavailable, though that's less critical in this 

In my preferred workflow, I'd open a message in a separate window, read 
it, move it to the appropriate mailbox (or archive or delete it), and 
the next message in the folder would open (in its separate window) as 
the moved (or archived or deleted) one disappeared. Next best would be 
if the moved one remained visible in its existing window, so that I can 
just hit whatever key I've bound to "next message" and have it appear.

The latter is what happens if I archive a message that's displayed in a 
separate window. However, deleting it makes the message window 
disappear, and locating the next message in the message list so I can 
open and read it takes an awkward moment, so this is the worst option of 
the three UI behaviors. Moving, archiving, and deleting all seem like 
variations of the same action to me — move this message that I'm 
looking at somewhere else — so it's weird to me that the UI reacts 
differently for each: moving a message is disallowed, archiving leaves 
it visible in its existing window, deleting closes the window.

I think (haven't fully investigated) that these all behave as I'd want 
if I have the message open in a pane of the main window, but honestly I 
never want to do that, and don't understand the format's popularity. I 
often want to refer to several messages at once! Plus I use Witch to 
access windows from the keyboard, so I always want everything in 
individual windows, not panes or tabs.

Shoshanna Green
shoshannag at gmail.com

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