[MlMt] keeping sent mail with other mail

David Morrison davidmorrisonlist at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 23:10:04 EST 2015

>On 2015-02-18 02:24, Fredrik Jonsson wrote:
>>I used to have a lot of rules that moved both received and sent mails
>>to folders per person/company/project etc. Always fretting where to
>>stora mail, "Is this more project or company or Š".
>>With MailMate I dump everything I have processed in to "Archive" and
>>let all sent mails stay in "Sent". Quick and easy.
>True, and MailMate's smart folder feature is 
>indeed a thing of beauty. However, after twenty 
>years of using and dealing with email, of having 
>loved Eudora until it expired, of having been 
>forced to use Outlook under various flavors of 
>Windows, of having used Apple Mail until its 
>integration with Gmail broke horribly, and 
>finally having moved my mail from Gmail to a 
>personal host with MailMate as my primary (but 
>not unique) mail access program, I'm not willing 
>to file my mail in such a way that *only* 
>MailMate will be able to intelligently retrieve 
>it for me. My mail client must be smart enough 
>to file my mail where I can find it without the 
>use of my preferred mail client. And so I depend 
>on rules.


The way e-mail is going nowadays, it needs to be 
able to be accessed on whatever device you are 
currently using. If I use features only Mailmate 
supports, it will require me to only access my 
e-mail from the computer with Mailmate. While 
this will suit a lot of people, the vast majority 
are wanting the flexibility of accessing their 
mail from computer, phone, tablet, web browser, 
kiosk, etc.

For example, if I am visiting a client, and need 
to check an e-mail to solve a problem, I do not 
want to have to go home to be able to find the 
message, then go back to the client to fix the 
problem. I want to be able to find it on my phone 

I know IMAP is not exactly the best protocol for 
e-mail, but it is all we have that allows this 
flexibility. Solutions that stick to IMAP are 
going to be most useful. (Unless Benny is 
planning to make IOS and Android versions of 


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