[MlMt] keeping sent mail with other mail

David Morrison davidmorrisonlist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 23:59:16 EST 2015

>Shoshanna Green 2015-02-17 15:02 wrote:
>>But this morning it occurred to me that MMate's 
>>experimental 2.0 feature of Rules lets me just 
>>set up a rule on my Sent Messages mailbox that 
>>says to move all incoming messages to my Inbox! 
>>So simple. So obvious.
>I used to have a lot of rules that moved both 
>received and sent mails to folders per 
>person/company/project etc. Always fretting 
>where to stora mail, "Is this more project or 
>company or Š".
>With MailMate I dump everything I have processed 
>in to "Archive" and let all sent mails stay in 
>"Sent". Quick and easy.
>I then use MailMates (really) Smart folders to 
>organise all mails (received and sent) according 
>to person/company/project. With Smart folders 
>one mail can "be in" several folders, person and 
>project e.g.
>Many Smart folders are simply this:
>Mailboxes: All Messages
>Conditions: Any Address -> Domain is "example.com"
>MailMates smart folders and custom keybindings are for me its killer features.

That's fine if all your messages for a particular 
smart folder have some common factor, such as a 
mailing list name. But what happens when the 
mailing list changes its name or host or 

Or if a project you are working on gets mail 
messages from random people. These sorts of 
message I file manually because no rule could 
ever pick them up reliably.

How could smart folders work in these cases?

I have been using e-mail for far too many years 
and have come across these situations too many 
times to be able to rely on smart folders to find 
what I want.



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