[MlMt] keeping sent mail with other mail

Mike Brasch mikebrasch at fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 19 05:56:30 EST 2015

On 19 Feb 2015, at 5:59, David Morrison wrote:

> That's fine if all your messages for a particular smart folder have 
> some common factor, such as a mailing list name. But what happens when 
> the mailing list changes its name or host or something?

I use this for my mailing lists:

  - the IMAP sorts the mailing lists into folders like 
  - in MailMate then I use a smart folder with
	- Mailboxes: <account>
	- Conditions: <Source.path> <contains> <Mailinglisten> (I use the path 
because two of my mailing lists don't use the ListID-header, otherwise I 
would use this)
	- Submailboxes: Source.path.noinbox and mail box format
${#source.path.noinbox/Mailinglisten\///} (this will name the subfolders 
by their folder name without the full path, like "MailMate")

If you then ever have a change in one of your mailing lists then you 
only need to change the rule on the IMAP server and maybe to rename the 
folder in case of a name change of the list.

Then I have another rule to filter out my mailing list postings out of 
my combined Inbox/Sent smart folder:

  - Mailboxes: <Inbox>, <Sent>
  - Conditions: <Message-Id> <is not in> <Mailinglisten> <Message-Id>

When you then post to a mailing list, your sent mail will appear in your 
Inbox/Send folder until you get your posting back from the list server.

I hope I understand your problem correctly and this will help. Maybe you 
can transfer this logic to other use cases.

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