[MlMt] How do I find out what Smart Folders a message can be found in?

Helen Holzgrafe helen at holzgrafe.com
Tue Feb 17 11:39:57 EST 2015

On 16 Feb 2015, at 2:25, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

> On 16 Feb 2015, at 9:36, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>> On 12 Feb 2015, at 19:26, Helen Holzgrafe wrote:
>>> Is there a way to see what Smart Folders a message can be found in 
>>> without opening each folder and looking for it in its list of 
>>> messages?
>> No.
>>> In Apple Contacts you can select a contact and then press the option 
>>> button and the groups a contact is part of will temporarily turn 
>>> blue and bold in the list of groups on the left of the window.
>> I didn't know that.
>>> Is there something like that in MailMate? Can I suggest that or 
>>> better yet a popup contextual menu or something like that?
>>> I see this as an easier way to make sure a message is actually 
>>> filtering into the Smart Folders I think it is supposed to.  If it 
>>> was presented as a contextual list of those Smart Folders it would 
>>> allow me to easily select one that is not working correctly and edit 
>>> it.
>> I don't think holding down ⌥ is a good solution for MailMate, but 
>> maybe it could be a toggle-shortcut which enables/disables the blue 
>> color used in Contacts. I'm not sure how to name such a feature 
>> though: “View ▸ Emphasize Related Mailboxes” ?
> If this would be cheap operation that sounds good, but if not it would 
> be great with a hotkey to somehow hold down to highlight them....maybe 
> even just show the list of the folders since I got so many that I 
> would have to scroll to see the highlights.
> Maybe Goto Related Mailbox ⌥<that other character>T
> ?
> max

I agree, I mentioned Apple's contacts to show what kind of information I 
was looking for. Apple's mechanism of pressing the option key is 
inconvenient if you have large numbers of contact groups and does not 
allow you to select a group for editing. Thus it is not the best 
interface, but does crudely show the information.

I'd really like to have some kind of window pop up with the list of 
Smart Folders.  Right now when you click on the "Message" menu one of 
the choices is "move to Mailbox..." and it brings up a window with the 
list of mailboxes.  I envision this as a "View Smart Mailboxes for this 
Message..."  menu item and bringing up a window with the list of Smart 
Mailboxes with the ones the message is in being highlighted with bold 
face or something. Then you can see if the message is filtering the way 
you want.  If it isn't. you can click on a folder you want to fix and it 
brings up the Smart Folder's editing window so you can get this done 

I realize this is a suggestion and likely fairly low on the list, but 
I'd really like to see this happen someday.

>> (Just thinking out loud -- not making any promises.)
>> -- 
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