[MlMt] keeping sent mail with other mail

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Tue Feb 17 10:17:28 EST 2015

On 2015-02-17 08:02, Shoshanna Green wrote:

> When I first started using email (pine on unix systems), I
> don't think "Sent Messages" were even a thing, and then they were a
> thing but they filed my outgoing mail apart from my incoming mail,
> which makes no sense to me.

I'm glad to know I'm not as rare a case as I sometimes assume. The 
difference is that I don't bcc myself, since it creates a double message 
(one in the Sent folder and one in the Inbox) that offends my sense of 
economy. I set things to file themselves in the most logical place when 
I can, and manually delete or file items in the Sent folder 
periodically, which sounds like a huge effort only when you're not used 
to it.

But if I could design my own email system, there would be no Sent folder 
at all.

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