[MlMt] keeping sent mail with other mail

Allie Martin amd at maclink.me
Tue Feb 17 18:41:25 EST 2015

On 17 Feb 2015, at 18:22, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> How does this play out for mail threading?
> Not sure what you mean? It would be equivalent to selecting both the 
> Inbox and “Sent Messages” if you want to try it out.

Reference headers are included in Sent messages prior to them being 
sent, so threading will be fine.

I just set things up for myself.  I didn't wish for List messages to be 
placed in my Inbox or so I filtered all messages whose To: headers do 
not contain any of my subscribed mailing list addresses and it seems 
fine.  I may refine things further.

Curtis acm

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