[MlMt] keeping sent mail with other mail

David Morrison davidmorrisonlist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 02:06:02 EST 2015

>I'm glad to know I'm not as rare a case as I sometimes assume. The 
>difference is that I don't bcc myself, since it creates a double 
>message (one in the Sent folder and one in the Inbox) that offends 
>my sense of economy. I set things to file themselves in the most 
>logical place when I can, and manually delete or file items in the 
>Sent folder periodically, which sounds like a huge effort only when 
>you're not used to it.

Agreed. In Eudora, I set up filters to move all incoming and outgoing 
messages on a particular topic (eg, a mailing list) into a folder. No 
duplicate copies and gives automatic threading.

>But if I could design my own email system, there would be no Sent 
>folder at all.

I liked (actually still like) Eudora's idea of an "Out" folder, and 
drafts are nothing more than unfinished messages to be sent. My Out 
folder is almost always empty because messages are automatically 
(usually) or manually moved to a more appropriate place.


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