[MlMt] Message Menu - Move to archive - Move to My_mailbox - Resend

ARCMailMate MailMate at arcict.com
Tue Jan 22 12:34:57 UTC 2013


Since i got no reaction from anybody, just this enhanced resend

Is there a way to add  "Move_to_my_mailbox" menu lines to the "Message" 
menu ( or another menu ).
Like the "Move to Archive"

The purpose is to give the user additional Move_to selections for 
standard mailboxes (within our the organization )

Is it also possible to rename the "Archive" to an company_standard 
mailbox ( not Archive )

I want to make the process faster for the users with out going thru the 
"Move to Mailbox…" and still have it a user-friendly ( I can find it 
without manual ) way.

We could use the "Move to Mailbox … " but the problem is that the 
choice of mailboxes is to large ( since they have many mail boxes pr 
account )

Mant thanks in advance,


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