[MlMt] Message Menu - Move to archive - Move to My_mailbox - Resend

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Jan 25 08:06:45 UTC 2013

On 22 Jan 2013, at 13:34, ARCMailMate wrote:

> Since i got no reaction from anybody, just this enhanced resend

The mailing list software has been down in January. Not sure how it 
happened and I didn't realize it until today. Subscribing to the mailing 
list also silently failed. Sorry about that!

> Is there a way to add  "Move_to_my_mailbox" menu lines to the 
> "Message" menu ( or another menu ).
> Like the "Move to Archive"

No way to do it with MailMate. I don't know about third-party hacks 
which I would also not recommend given the frequent crashes caused by 
such plugins :-)

> The purpose is to give the user additional Move_to selections for 
> standard mailboxes (within our the organization )

You can make [custom key 
bindings](http://manual.mailmate-app.com/custom_key_bindings) to do this 
if the menu items are not a strict requirement.

In the (planned) future, it'll be possible to make menu items as well 
although such additional menu items are not going to be placed in the 
Messages menu.

> Is it also possible to rename the "Archive" to an company_standard 
> mailbox ( not Archive )

You cannot rename the menu item, but the mailbox used for archived 
messages can be any IMAP mailbox. Use “Mailbox ▸ Mailbox Type” to 
assign the “Archive” type to any other mailbox.

> I want to make the process faster for the users with out going thru 
> the "Move to Mailbox…" and still have it a user-friendly ( I can 
> find it without manual ) way.
> We could use the "Move to Mailbox … " but the problem is that the 
> choice of mailboxes is to large ( since they have many mail boxes pr 
> account )

Ah, that rules out the key bindings solution. Note that “Move to 
Mailbox...” learns the abbreviations used by the user. It can be very 
quick to use if the abbreviations used are short.


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