[MlMt] Ordering of messages in a conversation

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Feb 3 13:30:33 UTC 2013

On 3 Feb 2013, at 14:14, Mateusz Parzonka wrote:

>> is it possible to change the message ordering in a conversation 
>> (multiple emails selected and displayed sequentially)? The current 
>> ordering sorts oldest messages first (up). I would like to have the 
>> newest messages first. Is there a preference for this?

> At the moment i'm not quite sure about the ordering MailMate applies.
> I have all three mails in a thread selected. They are shown in the 
> message view in this order:
> a) Received:  Sun, 03 Feb 2013 03:31:57 -0800 (PST)
> b) Received:  Sun, 3 Feb 2013 03:21:28 -0800 (PST)
> c) Received:  Sun, 3 Feb 2013 04:11:40 -0800 (PST)
> Some email is out of order. It is reply, request, reply semantically, 
> looking pretty strange.

It's not a real conversation view (that one is still on the ToDo). It is 
a crude concatenation of the selected messages. The ordering is 
determined by when the messages were fetched by MailMate, that is, it'll 
often look like oldest-at-top, but if you view messages from multiple 
mailboxes then the ordering won't make much sense.

Adding a better ordering is possible, but I'm not sure it's trivial (may 
not be worth the effort considering all the other shortcomings of the 
current multiple-messages-view). Do you use it a lot?

> I can provide screenshots. (In this context i've noted that the 
> distortion mode does not distort the first message in a displayed 
> selection [conversation], and does does not distort the addresses and 
> the subjects of the other messages.)

Are you sure it's that weird? To me it looks like headers are simply not 
distorted when viewing multiple messages.


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