[MlMt] Hang on interaction with keychain access?

Seebs mailmate-list at seebs.net
Mon Nov 19 18:53:33 UTC 2012

So, I talk to a small private mail server with a self-signed cert.

I had cause to update this cert recently.

Next time I opened MailMate, it asked me what to do about this 
unfamiliar cert. I told it to trust the cert.


At this point, my system had entered a state wherein ANY activity which 
required keychain access would simply hang. Would ignore SIGTERM. Could 
not be debugged. Couldn't even be STARTED under the debugger. Entire 
system unusable. Couldn't change network settings or anything.

SIGHUP worked to close things, and rebooting got me back to normal, but 
with the same problem if I tried to start MailMate.

Went into keychain access, changed settings there, all is well.

10.7.5, MailMate 1.5.


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