[MlMt] New messages now have "To:" pre-filled-in

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Mar 21 12:42:28 UTC 2012

On 21 Mar 2012, at 13:25, Erik Mueller-Harder wrote:

>> Therefore, by default, the `From` address is derived from the
>> currently selected mailbox/message. This is how it also worked in
>> previous versions of MailMate. The new thing is that the `To` header
>> is also pre-filled if there is a `List-Post` header available in the
>> current context.
> This sounds like a great idea — except that I almost invariably have 
> a message selected in the message browser, and the likelihood that it 
> happens to be from a mailing list that I want to write a new message 
> to is miniscule.

Yes, the only reason I don't experience it myself is that most of the 
time I reply to messages. And when writing new ones I often just ⌘+tab 
to MailMate which means that no window is open.

>> And then I need to figure out an alternative approach to handle
>> creation of new messages using address aliases.
> I notice that the same behavior can be invoked via a contextual menu 
> click on the list name/address when looking at a message already 
> addressed to the list (e.g., `MailMate Users` and 
> `<mailmate at lists.freron.com>`) — perhaps that is sufficient?

Yes, although I think if using `MmDefaultAccount` it no longer derives 
the `From` address. But I could make that work.

> I notice that the `From:` address is actually *not* being correctly 
> derived for me, at least, in the case of this very e-mail list.  
> It’s present and very clear as the only `X-Delivered-To:` header, 
> but a different address is being automatically set as my `From:` 
> address in this message that I’m typing now.  My subscription 
> address (which is also the `X-Delivered-To:` address) is, as with you, 
> not in the account settings — and since MailMate isn’t picking it 
> up, I need to enter it by hand.

In general, `X-Delivered-To` cannot be used to derive an address, but 
I'm always collecting examples to improve the heuristic. Could you send 
me the headers of an example message (privately) and I'll see what I can 
do to make it work.

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