[MlMt] Spam complaints from MailMate?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jan 23 08:44:35 UTC 2012

On 21 Jan 2012, at 23:37, Seebs wrote:

> So, I am sorta old fashioned and actually try to complain about some 
> of my spam.  To do this, in the past, I've been using formail to strip 
> the last received header (note:  Before you point out that this is 
> stupid, consider that I have a mail setup in which after mail is 
> delivered to my mailbox, an extra header is added to it internally) 
> and send a copy to some suitable mailbox.

I would never tell you that anything was stupid. On the contrary, thank 
you for telling (reminding?) me about `formail`.

> So "forward" is nearly right,

I assume you mean “Forward as Attachment”?

> except that in Mailmate, that makes it into an uneditable attachment.  
> I don't want that; I want something sort of like a reply, except that 
> I want absolutely completely full headers -- with the spurious last 
> Received header removed since overworked abuse desks tend to 
> misinterpret it.
> Is this the sort of thing I can reasonably configure Mailmate to do?

No, not within MailMate. When MailMate (eventually) supports commands to 
be run on currently selected messages then I would tell you to use that 
to send the spam message to a script running `formail` and then end the 
script with something like:

	open -a MailMate edited_message.msg

The best you can do now is to drag the message out of MailMate. I just 
tried using Automator to create an application which runs a script when 
dragging a message to it. That seems to work fine. I used the following 
dummy script based on the default script in Automator when creating a 
“Run Shell Script” action:

	for f in "$@"
		cat "$f" > /tmp/spam.msg
		open -a MailMate.app /tmp/spam.msg

Note that I currently use the `.msg` extension instead of `.eml`. 
MailMate is a bit too intelligent with `.eml` since based on the 
`Message-ID` of the message it locates and opens its own version of the 
same message...

I hope some of the above is useful to you.


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