[MlMt] These filters are awesome, but also confusing to me.

Seebs mailmate-list at seebs.net
Thu Jan 12 04:37:12 UTC 2012

On 11 Jan 2012, at 22:27, Emory L. wrote:

> I always assumed most users prefer to do it all in one place 
> server-side, because they have multiple workstations, different MUAs, 
> mobile devices and tablets.  Needing to make sure a computer is on and 
> running MailMate or some other MUA 24x7 to keep their email resembling 
> sanity just doesn't seem like it scales very well.

If I were going to do it all server-side, MailMate wouldn't be doing 
very much for me, now would it.  :)

Honestly, for my purposes, a POP-type client might be better in some 
ways, but MailMate's feature set is good enough for me to adapt a bit.


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