[MlMt] These filters are awesome, but also confusing to me.

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Wed Jan 11 09:35:26 UTC 2012

On 11 Jan 2012, at 3:44, Seebs wrote:

> If a message comes to me with X-Spam-Flag: YES, I want to 
> automatically move it to junk.
> I can make a smart mailbox named Spam which holds all of these 
> messages, but I can't seem to figure out an event that will do the 
> same sort of thing.  I tried setting up an account.synchronize which 
> looks for things with #source.path = 'My Spam Box', but of course this 
> doesn't work because that's not really the source.
> I haven't yet found any documentation explaining what the options for 
> filters are, so I don't know what I can or can't do; for instance, I 
> don't know of a way to examine a header in a mmCommand.

I know you figured out how to do this, but for the sake of “clarity” 
I have a few comments:

The `.mmCommand` files are currently the only way to make rules. It is 
still not certain that I won't change the format of these files. The 
only documentation is the comments in this file:

	MailMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Scripts/Strip\ MailMan\ 

(And I'm afraid those comments are not complete.)

The best way to figure out the `select` value is to setup a smart 
mailbox within MailMate and then look for the corresponding `filter` 
value in:

	~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/Mailboxes.plist

With respect to figuring out what is possible using the header 
specifiers (such as `from.address.domain`) then the following may be 


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