[MlMt] Messages going to wrong box?

Seebs mailmate-list at seebs.net
Tue Feb 7 01:25:12 UTC 2012

I have a script:

         name = 'Move Second';
         events = ( 'account.synchronized' );
         select  = "(#recipient.address ~ 'seconddomain.com' and 
#recipient.address ~ 'othername')";
         actions = (
           { type = moveMessage; mailbox = Second; },

The idea is to take messages which match a particular recipient address 
pattern (it's actually "othername-*@seconddomain.com") and move them to 
a box named Second.  This does indeed show up in the logs as firing when 
messages matching this show up.  No other rules fire on these messages.

All the messages acted on by this rule are "marked as junk" instead.  
They do not go into the mailbox I wanted them to go into.

If it matters, the name "Second" is a placeholder; the actual name is 
not junk, but does start with a J.


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