[MlMt] Messages going to wrong box?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Feb 7 08:47:39 UTC 2012

On 7 Feb 2012, at 2:25, Seebs wrote:

> [...]
>       { type = moveMessage; mailbox = Second; },
> [...]
> All the messages acted on by this rule are "marked as junk" instead.

I checked the code and this is a bug triggered by the unexpected 
argument to 'mailbox' above. I've fixed it.

> They do not go into the mailbox I wanted them to go into.
> If it matters, the name "Second" is a placeholder; the actual name is 
> not junk, but does start with a J.

It kind of matters with respect to the bug. First note the four types of 
mailbox destinations described in a mostly unrelated part of the manual 
I'll repeat them here for convenience:

	1. The UUID of a smart mailbox (see ~/Library/Application 
	2. A standard mailbox name such as inbox, archive, drafts, sent, junk, 
and trash.
	3. A full path for a mailbox within an account such as 
	4. A mailbox path without an account such as /Special.

The value you used is not covered by any of these options and MailMate 
should just have failed to move the messages. Instead MailMate tried to 
guess a mailbox which it shouldn't do in this case (the guessing is 
related to the standard mailbox types for which there are no standard 
server-side names).

You probably want to use '/Second' instead.

(Sorry about the lack of documentation. These 'rule'-files are still 
experimental. I'm currently working on changing this as part of the 
introduction of commands. It is not unlikely that this is also going to 
change some of the syntax used.)


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