[MlMt] Tips to make custom (thread arcs) views easier?

Mike Brasch mikebrasch at fastmail.fm
Sun Jun 5 18:44:34 UTC 2011

On 3 Jun 2011, at 0:57, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> Just a text editor, but I use one (TextMate) with syntax highlighting 
> for plist files which makes it much easier to avoid syntax errors.

> Even for me it can be a bit of trial-and-error. There are also some 
> bugs in the layout system which makes some configurations impossible. 
> But don't get me wrong. I'm really glad when users try to use the 
> layout system to personalize the GUI.

A view editor would be fine… anybody? :-))

> I have attached a plist file which almost does what you want. Due to 
> one of the layout bugs I had to fix the width of the thread arcs view. 
> You can change this width if you like to your preferred setting.

Oh, thank you very much. This is similarly that what I want.

> I also tried adding a shortcut for enabling/disabling the thread arcs 
> view, but unfortunately that does not work for fixed width views. I 
> didn't remove it though in case I fix the layout problem.
>> Thread arcs should reflect the read status. Is it possible to make it 
>> myself via the .plist?
> No, there is no option to do that. I guess there could be some system 
> for assigning colors to states like unread, flagged, etc. I'll think 
> about that.

Oh, yes please. I think, the tool tips should also appear earlier and a 
little bit clearly using newlines, for example:


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