[MlMt] Helping MailMate and TaskPaper get along for better living

Emory L. emory at hellyeah.com
Mon Dec 12 03:28:34 UTC 2011

*Not sure if replying to the digest post from Amiram will wreck 
threading for people, swapping the subject line out and giving it a 

On 9 Dec 2011, at 1:32, Amiram Reuveni wrote:

> I'm sure that someone with better knowledge of AppleScript could 
> consolidate it all into one script. Still, if you want to have a look 
> at my mishmash let me know your email and

Your message inspired me to give it a try from the QuickSilver angle.  
What I have come up with now isn't exactly awesome but I mapped 'L' to 
CopyasLink in my keybind preferences, and then bring up QuickSilver and 
use the text insert shortcut '.' to give me an input, type:

	- Something about this email 'cmd-v'

and then use a "send to TaskPaper" AppleScript I found on the TaskPaper 
wiki that sends it to the Inbox: project in the frontmost TaskPaper 
document.  This will hold me over until I can play with REST or I see 
that something is new and improved in the scripting side of MailMate.

It may seem silly that I'm harping on wanting to push one button instead 
of typing a brief description and set of hotkeys, but it would make 
triaging an Inbox completely trivial for my TaskPaper workflow.

> The reason I moved to working on a copy was that if you alias the 
> original but then move the message to another mail box the link 
> breaks.

I haven't played with that much but when I CopyasLink I get a message 
URL in my clipboard like this:


and then clicking that opens the message even if I have subsequently 
Archived it or saved it to another folder like a yearly archive folder.

For getting some context (and seeing follow-ups and replies) have you 
found it useful to use "Go to Source" when the message is open?  That 
will show you the message in a full MailMate viewer with whatever 
conversation view/context you would normally have.


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