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Mon Dec 12 08:03:51 UTC 2011

On 12 Dec 2011, at 4:28, Emory L. wrote:

> *Not sure if replying to the digest post from Amiram will wreck 
> threading for people, swapping the subject line out and giving it a 
> try.*

Well, it was the message from Amiram which broke the threading, because 
MailMate uses the `Message-ID` of the digest email which is unrelated to 
the `Message-ID` of the original thread.

I have never looked into the digest format, but IF the format contains 
all the message ids of the original messages (and their subjects) then 
it may be possible to introduce a feature in MailMate where the user is 
asked which message is the original. Then the correct `Subject` and 
`Message-ID` header could be inserted by MailMate. This would be a 
so-called blue sky feature :-) And it is very likely that other 
meta-data is lost (such as format=flowed and use of Markdown).

In general: I continue to recommend not using the digest format (unless 
you only read emails and never write). Note that threads of no interest 
can be muted (“Message ▸ Mute”) which means that any new messages 
are automatically moved to the same location as the muted parent. (But 
that is also going to break when someone replies to a digest.)

> I haven't played with that much but when I CopyasLink I get a message 
> URL in my clipboard like this:
> 	message://%3c201112100021.asdfasdf@asdferasdasef%3e
> and then clicking that opens the message even if I have subsequently 
> Archived it or saved it to another folder like a yearly archive 
> folder.

Just to confirm: This works no matter where the message is located. The 
only problem can be if a duplicate of the message exists. The value used 
in the URL is simply the `Message-ID` header of the message. It could 
also be stated as:


It is, by the way, used by Apple Mail which is why I use by default, but 
it is essentially the same as the standardized [`mid:` URL 
scheme](http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2392). MailMate supports the 
`message:`, `mid:`, and `cid:` URL schemes.

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