[MlMt] How to delay incoming mail notification by about 30 sec. (specifically the new mail sound)

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Wed Mar 20 09:34:23 EDT 2024

Hello All,

Does anyone remember how to delay the incoming mail notification(s) to 
the Inbox by a specific amount, particularly the incoming mail sound?

In my case, have a separate machine running as a server for Mail - 
SpamSieve. I need to give inbox notifications on all other machines 
running MM “settling time” of about 30 sec. for the junk to be 
cleared out before notifying of incoming mail in the remote machines.

I used to have this set up in a previous version of MM. It wasn’t 100% 

Somehow it got lost and I never made notes about it. I believe it was 
suggest that a new smart mailbox be assigned and used for setting up the 
delay with specific formatting.


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