[MlMt] Icons in list view [Flag?]

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Tue Mar 19 06:42:28 EDT 2024

Hello Tobias,

Can’t tell if any of these are what you speak of. The image 
(PastedImage.png) you pasted into your email was blank or white for me. 
I do not know if a Red flag is set in email messages in MailMate when 
sent. Seems like it should be, though. That’s an interesting question. 
I’m intentionally setting this message to red flag to check.

In the list view please send the whole top bar showing the headers 
(maybe a link since it may exceed the file size on this list). Here’s 
a [link to my header 

Are one of the icons in the List View is what you refer to… Which one? 
Header bar columns can be adjusted/selected by right clicking in it to 
expose the names listing. Here is a [screenshot of the header 
. I do not have any colors in my header though. Maybe the Toolbar?

A message in the list when flagged can show the selected color. The 
color of the message flag may be set in the menu (Menu: 
Message>Flag>Color picker dropdown). It’s located per item in the 
list. You apply that flag in the List View. Its color setting is shown 
in the Tool Bar.

The header itself has a white flag icon.

That’s the only red icon I see. The flag color appears in the Tool Bar 
if your red color is selected in the picker above. YMMV. Please send a 
pic link to what you are describing.


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On 19 Mar 2024, at 5:39, Tobias Kirchhofer via mailmate wrote:

> Hi all,
> does anyone know what the meaning of the red marked symbol is? I 
> cannot find an explanation…
> [ "PastedImage.png" ]
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