[MlMt] Save Attachments… – Exclude smallest files

Thomas Eckhold Thomas at Eckhold.eu
Sat Feb 25 06:21:33 EST 2023

A function I use regularly is the possibility to save all attachments of a message externally in one step (Com-Opt-Shift-A). However, this really saves all attachments, including the smallest graphics (mostly company logos) and encryption signatures.

Is there a way to exclude or limit these? Perhaps also in relation to certain file types, maybe determined by suffix or by size, such as <10kb, since logos and signatures typically only have a few KB?

Ideally, there should be an extended short cut (e.g. Com-Opt-Ctrl-Shift-A), where you can define which attachments are to be omitted.

If this possibility does not yet exist, then I kindly ask Benny to understand this as a feature request.



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