[MlMt] R5923 memory leaks on M1 iMac/Ventura

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Thu Feb 23 06:19:08 EST 2023

Hi Joseph,

Not sure which version you actually referred to… Test Build 1.14 v5923 
goes back quite a way. The one I have been using in Mac Ventura 13.2.1 
is v5942 which doesn’t exhibit the issue you describe and is almost 
current. The most current is 5943, which some folks have reported as 
potential to crash.

My advice is to upgrade/downgrade, depending on which version you are 
reporting, to the last known Beta version (Beta Release v5937) and see 
that it works as expected in MacOS you run.

MailMate shows consuming 430MB of RAM while I’m composing now. It 
doesn’t eat much more RAM for me.

Beta release is noted in [Benny’s Blog](https://blog.freron.com/), 
another handy resource, as are Release Notes (MM Menu Bar Help>Release 

So, I delayed the upgrade to 5943 on my main machine. On a test 
installation it hasn’t crashed to date.


Henry Seiden
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On 22 Feb 2023, at 21:46, Joseph P. Hillenburg wrote:

> FYI, it appears this may be resolved in R5943.
> -JPH
> On 28 Oct 2022, at 16:03, Joseph P. Hillenburg wrote:
>> R5923 (as well as at least one of the preceding versions) crashes 
>> frequently on my M1 iMac running Ventura. It seems to happen when 
>> clicking on certain emails - maybe expanding threads, etc. The 
>> symptom seems to be that Mailmate starts consuming all system memory. 
>> IE. I have to close-quit it at around 70GB of usage.
>> -JPH
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