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Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 22:46:32 EST 2023

I thought I'd done this before (for defining coloring rules, not keybindings), so I googled it, and up popped a thread from back in 2014 between you and Benny (at https://lists.freron.com/mailmate/2014-March/002177.html) where he says:

> Yes, but it's still the value you need. For smart mailboxes the value is an actual UUID, but for IMAP mailboxes then the IMAP URL is unique in itself. A few standard mailboxes have hardcoded values such as “ARCHIVE”. It's an implementation detail I didn't originally expect to “leak”. Sorry about the confusion.

Since all my coloring rules involved smart mailboxes, I always ended up with what looks like a typical UUID when I did the Cmd-C trick on a mailbox.  Doing the same thing an an actual IMAP mailbox yields an imap: URL.

Assuming Benny's comment still applies, it seems you are doing it as he expects, and perhaps you've uncovered a bug.  Though it's interesting that your working keybindings file has all UUIDs; wonder how those were obtained for the IMAP mailboxes?

Hopefully Benny will respond with some ideas.  If not, you might want to use the Help->Send Feedback... menu item to send mail to him directly.

BTW, you didn't state what version of MM you're running.


On 15 Feb 2023, at 22:07, John Cooper wrote:

> I've narrowed down the problem, which arises when imap: UUIDs of IMAP mailboxes are entered. From the manual:
>> A mailbox UUID is not always a UUID in a strict sense, but it is always a unique identifier for a mailbox. It can be one of the > following:
>> The UUID of a smart mailbox (as saved in ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Mailboxes.plist)
>> A standard mailbox name such as inbox, archive, drafts, sent, junk, and trash.
>> A full path for a mailbox within an account such as imap://you@imap.example.com/Special
> My working keybindings file uses a coded URL for every mailbox, even IMAP mailboxes:
> "m" = ( "goToMailbox:", "D95CD39B-3CEB-4060-901F-13732A91044F", "makeFirstResponder:", "mainOutline" ); // MailMate
> But the non-working (revised) keybindings file uses an imap: UUID:
> "m" = ( "goToMailbox:", "imap://myaddress%40pobox.com%40mail.pobox.com/INBOX/MailMate", "makeFirstResponder:", "mainOutline" ); // MailMate
> Unfortunately, I can't find a way to obtain the current UUID in the first form -- only the second, which seems to break the keybindings file.
> Any suggestions?
> John Cooper wrote (at 3:34 PM on Wednesday, February 15, 2023):
>> I've been trying to edit the custom keybindings file I've been using, but after I do, no single-key keybindings work. Every key on the keyboard only yields an error sound.
>> I've checked the syntax, and all the semicolons are there. I can't find any errors. The file name hasn't changed. The settings haven't changed. The file permissions haven't changed. The file type should be the same (they're text files, but the extension is .plist.) The main thing I've done is ensure that the correct mailbox UUIDs are present; I used copy and paste.
>> Any ideas what could be wrong? I've restored the old keybindings file for now, but I'd like to make improvements to it.
>> Thanks,
>> John
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