[MlMt] Custom keybindings file

John Cooper mailmate2 at coopercontent.com
Wed Feb 15 18:34:05 EST 2023

I've been trying to edit the custom keybindings file I've been using, but after I do, no single-key keybindings work. Every key on the keyboard only yields an error sound.

I've checked the syntax, and all the semicolons are there. I can't find any errors. The file name hasn't changed. The settings haven't changed. The file permissions haven't changed. The file type should be the same (they're text files, but the extension is .plist.) The main thing I've done is ensure that the correct mailbox UUIDs are present; I used copy and paste.

Any ideas what could be wrong? I've restored the old keybindings file for now, but I'd like to make improvements to it.


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