[MlMt] note or subject modification

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Sun Feb 5 17:50:16 EST 2023

On 5 Feb 2023, at 12:36, John Cooper wrote:

> I miss Eudora's powerful abilities too, but as Benny mentioned, they 
> become more difficult both to implement and to use an an IMAP world.

Eudora used IMAP APPEND to upload the edited message to the mail store, 
and DELETE/EXPUNGE to get rid of the original. Eudora applied any IMAP 
flags or states to the new message to match the old (e.g., READ, 
REPLIED, FLAGGED). Yes, other clients saw the edited message as new, but 
with the same flags as the old, and since most people using the feature 
used it on their personal mail (as opposed to a multi-user shared 
mailbox), meaning they were the one who edited the message, I'm not 
aware of anyone who used it becoming confused by it. (Come to think of 
it, it would probably be even more useful in a multi-user shared mailbox 

Can you or Benny clarify "more difficult both to implement and to use in 
an IMAP world"? As someone who used the feature extensively in an IMAP 
world, I didn't see any problems.


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