[MlMt] note or subject modification

John Doherty jld at jld3.net
Sun Feb 5 13:57:37 EST 2023

On Sun 2023-02-05 11:15 AM MST -0700, <alain.israel at pasteur.fr> wrote:

> I would have nothing against a Note feature, even if restricted to 
> Mailmate, but I guess there are more important things to implement.
> You mention side effects of the automation procedure :what are they?

 From the dialog box:

Be aware of the following caveats:

• An updated copy replaces the original on the IMAP server.
• It is slow and inefficient for large emails.
• Other email clients detect the updated copy as a new email.
• The original subject is saved in an “Original-Subject” header.

Also, I found a way to arrange things so that choosing 
Command->MailMate->Change Subject has no apparent effect at all.

Having granted Mailmate the necessary permission once, I went to

   System Preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy->Automation

and unchecked System Events.app under MailMate.app.

Also, thanks to Benny for pointing out my earlier mistake in mentioning 
Full Disk Access. Mea culpa!

After unchecking that, trying to change the subject of a message has no 
visible effect at all. So maybe your machine is somehow in a similar 
state. Enabling that permission again allows things to work.

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