[MlMt] note or subject modification

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Feb 5 08:06:19 EST 2023

On 5 Feb 2023, at 13:21, aisrael wrote:

> Thanks Benny, it works now. It says it has to be used with care : does it mean that as long as the automation permission is granted, it may affect all the message subjects?

No, a subject is only changed when you explicitly change it. The window shown explains exactly what happens when you change the subject of a message. It's not efficient and has several side effects. (A more general “note”-feature would preferably keep such changes separate from the original message, but this would then only work with MailMate and not with other email clients.)

The automation permission given to MailMate is quite general -- and it's actually only given to allow MailMate to use AppleScript to show the window with the text field. Ideally, this would not require such a permission (it was implemented before Apple introduced this type of permission).


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