[MlMt] copy/paste html links

aisrael alain.israel at pasteur.fr
Thu Sep 15 13:17:45 EDT 2022

I tried to copy (using a right click gives me the option Copy link) and 
paste your hyperlinked (Like this), an I get the (Like this) text 
followed by the corresponding hyperlink.


On 15 Sep 2022, at 18:26, Zvi Biener wrote:

Hi All,
There are two issues here, which I’m sorry I wasn’t sufficiently 
clear on:

1.  There is pasting a text string that begins with “http://“. For 
me, this indeed turns in to a full-fledged link automatically. I think 
this is the sort of thing that Sam is talking about.

2.  There is pasting a text string that doesn’t start with 
“http://“, but that is a hyperlink. (Like this). Cutting and pasting 
this sort of thing doesn’t yield a hyperlink for me, it just yields 
the text “Like this”).

The second one is what I’m curious about. Right now, I think I do 
something like Zak, which is to construct the appropriate 
markdown-formatted link. (I have an Alfred workflow that makes it very 
easy, I just wondered if there are other ideas out there. Happy to share 
the workflow w/ anyone interested).

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