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Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Wed Sep 14 08:31:10 EDT 2022

Hey Bill,

I have a problem not so much with what Benny did, but where the 
instructions are for how to use it.

Sorry, though extremely versatile, very poor in instructions for many 
non-intuitive parts. In this case, the labeling doesn’t indicate how 
the added features can be fully utilized easily. In this case you 
probably have to build up a custom syntax. I’d call that a 

My original goal was to use a custom sound to receive all mail and a 
different customer sound to send all mail (the “whoosh” would be 
fine, which is the same that Apple uses by the way). Alas, that is made 
quite complicated.

In reality Mailmate uses 4 specific sound/notification settings 
incorporated into counters, just as stated. Picking the sounds is done 
through the OS, so they’re pre-made sounds.

Searched out the instruction you describe…

The Counters description with the caveat you mention appears on a page 
in the [on line manual and the Help 
It’s further formatting options [has a defined syntax described 

Currently digesting what that means and how to use it, if at all. It’s 
frankly not a high priority and it may even be not worth further 
trouble. But it is good to know about since the developers spent time on 

Let’s say I’m not comfortable using it. Now that I know where to 
find the instructions in the first place. Thought you might want to 
review it. If I find where to make custom sounds for this purpose, 
I’ll let you know. It’s likely in the OS. Mailmate which utilizes 
what it is given by Apple for sounds, apparently. That’s quite a lot, 


Henry Seiden
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On 13 Sep 2022, at 23:03, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 2022-09-13 at 21:22:48 UTC-0400 (Wed, 14 Sep 2022 01:22:48 +0000)
> Henry Seiden <mailmate at lists.freron.com>
> is rumored to have said:
>> Yes. Those show where the counter icon is to be located, and is 
>> labeled as such in the menu, SFAIK. Nothing to do with sound, right?
> No, not right.
> Each of the 4 radio buttons on the icon on the left side selects a 
> distinct set of Counter settings on the right side. Each of the 4 
> Counters specifies a single mailbox, a selected type of message being 
> counted, and the notification mechanisms, including what sound to play 
> when the count changes.
> That Preferences pane has been confusing MM users for a decade. I 
> understand why Benny did it that way, as it makes sense from a coding 
> point of view. I don't have any brilliant ideas for a different way to 
> present the functionality that isn't mystifying.
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