[MlMt] Tag or flag sent messages

David Wainberg mm at dwpost.net
Wed Sep 7 18:21:15 EDT 2022

On 7 Sep 2022, at 16:07, Robert Goldman wrote:

> On 7 Sep 2022, at 14:59, John Cooper wrote:
>> David Wainberg wrote (at 12:32 PM on Wednesday, September 7, 2022):
>>> Hi all,
>>> I want to keep track of messages I've sent for which I expect a reply. I had the idea to do this by tagging or flagging the message as I compose it.
>>> [...] I add a tag in the composer window, and then send the message. I find the message in Sent and it has no tag.
>>> I feel like I might be missing something simple. Can anyone tell me?
>> Have you tried adding the tag after the message is sent, instead of tagging it during composition? Sounds as if the tag might not be preserved as the message is saved for the first time.
> If that's true, this is a new behavior. I have had a smart mailbox called "Awaiting Response" that takes messages from "Sent Messages" and "INBOX" that have the tag `waiting_for_response` that I apply in composition.  It appears to be working fine.*
> * Appears to be because my workflow has not had the right discipline, and I have not been applying these tags when I should.

Thank you for the input. I have figured it out. I'll blame it in part on a dumb mistake, an in part on UX. (Or would you call it a bug?)

In testing it in the compose window, I was using a tag that did not exist yet. Although it looks like the tag is added to the message -- it's there in the tag field -- unlike in the view window, you are not prompted to create a new tag. Using a tag that was previously created works fine.

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