[MlMt] Spurious newlines in copied text

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Sep 2 03:14:26 EDT 2022

On 2 Sep 2022, at 9:07, Thomas Kahle wrote:

> For your convenience I entered some line breaks in the three lines above.  So when you read this mail, try to copy the three lines above somewhere.  For me the result is this:

I'm aware of this regression. Note that (at least for me), this only happens if MailMate displays a plain text message (MailMate generates the HTML only for viewing). For example, the HTML included in your email (HTML generated for sending) does not have this issue.

This has been an issue before and it's caused by my ongoing changes to how copy/paste works with HTML views. I messed up again with my most recent changes (while fixing other issues). Hopefully, I'll eventually get it right :)


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