[MlMt] New status icons

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Wed Jun 22 11:39:32 EDT 2022

The columns to the right are resizable by dragging, but the status and 
flags (two right-most columns) are not.


On 22 Jun 2022, at 7:03, Henry Seiden wrote:

> Hi Randall,
> In MM v1.14, both Test Builds, r5898 and r5899 show the column widths 
> in the Message window adjustable and the icons everywhere normal 
> looking to me.
> May I suggest you try saving your settings, then removing and 
> reinstalling the app and save your previous settings without having MM 
> open? I have found this useful as a general cure-all, for settings 
> gone awry. (There’s a How-to in the Help menu>Rebuild Database>How 
> to transfer MailMate Settings…). I use this when installing MM on 
> test builds of new MacOS as well as troubleshooting. Maybe Benny has 
> other advice, but that has worked for me in the past.
> Good luck.
> Respectfully,
> Henry Seiden
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> W: http://techworkspro.com
> On 22 Jun 2022, at 9:14, Randall Gellens wrote:
>> I updated to 58999 and the new status icons look gigantic. I'm using 
>> the three-pane view (mailboxes on left, table of contents on right, 
>> message view below). The column widths don't seem adjustable so I 
>> can't shrink the status column. Is there a way to switch to smaller 
>> icons?
>> --Randall
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