[MlMt] Lines not wrapped in viewer

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Wed Jun 22 09:50:36 EDT 2022


I haven’t seen this wrapping issue in r5898 on  any of my received 
messages. However, I do remember seeing the same in Mail (Apple’s 
app). I use a similar display layout - sidebar and two view (the View 
menu  says it’s a Layout set for Preview at right, displaying html 
body parts).

My settings (Preferences>General) leaves the following UNCHECKED:
* Messages Folder>Indexed for Finder, Spotlight.
* Messages Folder>Custom location.
* Custom Key Bindings>Enable.

My settings in Composer are as shown [in the screen shot linked 
Today, I upgraded to r5899 and will report back on the changes you 
related on your following message shortly.


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On 22 Jun 2022, at 9:11, Randall Gellens wrote:

> I get a lot of mail where MM doesn't wrap the lines in the viewer, 
> making the message very hard to read. I have to manually scroll right 
> and left for each line.
> The messages are multipart/alternative with text/plain and text/html 
> body parts, passed through a mailing list.
> --Randall
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