[MlMt] Change the From address for some emails automatically

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Wed Jun 8 08:20:17 EDT 2022

On 7 Jun 2022, at 6:26, leo wrote:

> Hi all
> For Mail which I receive from certain email addresses I want all my 
> replies come from another email address.
> Example
> Say, I own the two email addresses Leo at yahoo.com and Leo at gmail.com 
> (and have them both in MailMate). Now I receive an email to the 
> address Leo at yahoo.com, but when I reply I want the email to have as 
> From address Leo at gmail.com.
> Can I achieve this somehow?

Most often, people want the opposite: reply email should be sent from 
the same address the message being replied to was directed towards.

Depending on the complexity of your MailMate setup (e.g., how many 
accounts you have and what other behaviors you want when MM chooses a 
reply address), there are a few approaches you can try.

The simplest would be in MailMate -> Preferences -> Composer, set "New 
Message: Default account is" to your Gmail account.

If your situation makes the above undesirable (e.g., you have other 
accounts where you want the reply from address to be derived from the 
sent to address), what I would try is to have a filter on the 
Leo at yahoo.com account Inbox that moves all messages to the Leo at gmail.com 
account Inbox (or, create a new IMAP folder in the Leo at gmail.com account 
specifically for email sent to the Yahoo address, and have the Yahoo 
Inbox filter move messages there). The idea is to move the Yahoo account 
email to the Gmail account, so that replies by default will be sent from 


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